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Light-Duty Positioner
The Aero-Motive® Positioner is designed for low-cycle light-load applications such as lights, heat lamps, and signs without requiring extra force to maintain the established position.
Aero-Motive® Positioners offers a fast, easy-to-use tension adjustment and a low-cost, effective method to support light-weight loads within light-duty industrial manufacturing applications.
Aero-Motive® positioners use an adjustable friction brake to place and hold an object in any position to support the weight of a lightweight suspended tool or load. The object can be moved downward with very little effort, depending on the adjustment; however, the full weight of the object must be lifted to move it upward.
Series and Industrial Segment Weight Ranges Standard Cable Travel
GM31 Light Industrial-Duty 0.50 to 4.50kg
(1.00 to 10.00 lbs)
    • Balancers and Tool Support Catalog
Features & Benefits Applications
Holds an object or tool in desired position
   • Reduces repetitive pickup/lay down of tool
Simple tension adjustment
   • No special tools needed - can be adjusted with a screwdriver or coin
Minimizes operator fatigue
   • Reduces repetitive motion and lifting of objects
   • Automotive plants
   • Manufacturing / assembly plants
   • Workstations
Aero-Motive Industrial Duty Tool Positioners
No Part
Description Image Stock
1 AER-GM31 Aero-Motive Tool Positioner Part GM31 Light Industrial Duty Tool Positioner Features: - Holds an object in desired position within travel range without use of a ratchet or locking device - Easy downward tool mobility - Simple upward repositioning of load, requiring only a force equal to the weight of the suspended object - Minimizes Operator Fatigue in repetitive-motion applications with light loads - Easy Tension Adjustment by placing screwdriver or coin into slot of shaft - For Light Duty use Specifications: - Weight Range 1 to 10 LBS / 0.5 to 4.5 kg - Tool Travel 4.7 Feet / 0.4 Meters [Molex 1301690002] [UPC 78678801559] [Amazon] Product available at Amazon.com and BrakeProducts.com Ships from stock @ BPI Dated 2/18 (1LBS) H 4" L 5" W 4" Box 17 $17.65
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Replacement Parts & Accessories

Replacement Parts & Accessories
   • Secondary support chains
     provide additional safety
   • Overhang cable supports
     additional service length
   • Bottom bullard hook features
     360o rotation and spring-loaded
     positive locking gate

Main Springs
   • Precision Wound Clock Springs
   • Containerized for Safety
   • Best Spring Steel
   • Riveted for Safety
Industrial-Duty Cable Reels

Industrial-Duty Cable Reels
   • Containerized mainspring
   • Anti-lock-out ratchet systems
   • Modular collector rings
Torque Reels

Torque Reels
   • Easy load-height adjustment
   • On/off switch
   • Adjustable cable stop
Standard-Duty Cord Reels

Standard-Duty Cord Reels
   • Holds up to 5.4m (50') of
     standard-duty cord
   • Adjustable spring tension
   • Built-in ratchet locks
Heavy-Duty Hand-Wind Reels

Heavy-Duty Hand-Wind Reels
   • Heavy-duty steel design
   • Large-spool design
   • Steel-rod frame
Specialty Cable Reels

Specialty Cable Reels
 Reel types:
   • Static-Discharge Reels
   • Welding Reels
   • Ground-Fault Reels
   • Hazardous-Location Reels
   • Mill-Duty Service Reels
Wire-Rope Festoon Systems

Wire-Rope Festoon Systems
   • Flat or round cable carriers
   • Neoprene clamp pad
   • Contoured nylon wheels and
     nylon-coated wire rope
Box-Track Festoon Systems

Box-Track Festoon Systems
   • Rolled-edge track profile
   • Neoprene clamp pad
   • Flat or round cable carriers
I-Beam Festoon Systems

I-Beam Festoon Systems
   • Polyurethane or stainless steel
   • Neoprene clamp pad & bumpers
   • Flat or round cable carriers
Festoon-Cable Systems

Festoon-Cable Systems
   • Variety of festoon cables/hoses
   • Metric and standard gland fittings
     for flat and round cable
   • Tow ropes provide connection
     between trolleys

   • 360o swivel hanger
   • Automatic drum lock
   • Containerized main spring

   • Simple tension adjustment
   • Minimizes operator fatigue
   • Holds an object or tool in
     desired position

   • Easy tension adjustment
   • Retracts tool out of the way
     when no force is applied
   • Minimizes operator fatigue
Support Grips

Support Grips
   • Integrated-metal shield
   • Available in four eye styles:
     single, double, universal and
   • Available in closed- or open-
     mesh for end-of-cable or mid-
     cable installation
Tool Support Products

Tool Support Products
Portable Lighting

Portable Lighting
   • Specialty Lighting
   • Handlamps
   • Wide-Area Lighting
   • Stringlights
Slip Rings

Slip Rings
   • Modular construction
   • Self-contained slip ring design
   • Allows for horizontal and vertical
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